Follow Friday

I can't believe it's Friday Monday already. This week has been insane and ridiculous and I could not be happier that tomorrow is Saturday Tuesday.

Here are my picks for this week's Follow Friday Monday. Previous picks can be found HERE and HERE.

@JohnAntonios met him during a #PR20Chat this past week and he is knowledgeable in both Marketing/PR and Social Media.  Most importantly, he's a blast to talk with!

@carlajo Carla is fabulous and has her pulse on that happs in Indy.  She is in the PR field (and rocks it) and is hilarious, thoughtful, intelligent, etc!  I suggest adding her if you need some life in your timeline.  Also, did I mention she's beautiful?  Just sayin'.

@running5k2day Sweetest lady in my timeline (or at least one of them).  She is a mother of TWINS and she still manages to talk with you!  She's got positive energy and never makes me feel bad about falling behind on my chores.

@sergioni He's hilarious.  He is up-to-date about the happenings in Hollyweird and always makes me laugh.  Always.  Did I mention he's hilarious?  Beyond that, he's really sweet and he interacts with his followers.

@jj_newberry He is also hilarious and is a constant tweeter.  Some may not like this, but I LOVE it.  He makes me laugh with his commentary and there is always SOMETHING going on.

@peachonice She is one of the first people I ever followed on Twitter, and she is still one of my favorites.  She uploads pictures WHICH I LOVE and had some pretty profound things to say.  She also interacts with followers.

@bryanricard One of my newest twiends from #BrandChat.  He impressed me with his know-how.  Follow him to learn something about Marketing/PR/Social Media

@toryk She is a Social Media diva just like me!  She works in the field (and plays in it, too).  I met her during the #PR20Chat and ran into her again during #ForbesChat.  I love a lady who contributes to her field and who had great music taste.

@misterbrogue I added him to my nest last week during Follow Friday and have not regretted it at all!  Photographer, philosopher (maybe), and all around rad dude.  Be warned -- he's interested in meeting new people and interacting.  If you're boring he'll give you the boot!  I consider this a compliment and have really enjoyed talking to him over the last week or so.

@thespacebase He's lives in Tennessee.  He has great taste in books and music.  He's married to a Roller Derby Goddess -- what more could you ask for?  Oh, he's funny too!

@grenkappa He's from Florida.  He's got a sweet smile.  He talks back -- I highly recommend following him.  He loves to talk about music so get the conversation started!

BONUS: @smartalecjosh12 We have the same taste in TV shows and I love it.  I can talk about Buffy, Dawson's Creek, Bones, you name it!  If you have awesome taste in TV like we do ... I think you know what to do.