Follow Friday

It's been brought to my attention that having 1094 people for #FollowFriday on Twitter can be a bit daunting. What's unfortunate is that I like to give a shout-out to the people I interact with on a weekly basis, and if it happens to be a busy week, this can add up to a lot of people.

I haven't quite decided if I will completely stop mentioning all my favorite tweeps, but in the mean time here is a list of my Must-Follow for this week.

@Divacoachdabney I met her this week during #BrandChat and she had a lot of insightful input on branding, marketing, and social media.  I'm looking forward to getting to know her better (and learn, too).

@hotmixprincejay He's a DJ and he's hilarious.  He keeps up with the trends in sports, news, and Hollyweird.  I one day hope to be on his must-follow list as well.

@sarayelich She tweets a lot (some people like that, some people don't).  She is funny and random and her mom is a florist.  She has a variety of interests and I enjoy reading her updates.

@mrwordsworth I met him this week during #MonitorChat.  His tweets are great.  Funny, sarcastic, witty -- I highly recommend you follow him to give some humor to your timeline.

@girlspintout A mom and a beer fanatic.  What's not to love?  She is working to unite the women of Indy (and soon, the globe!) who love beer.  Support the cause!

@bodewadmi He posts a lot of interesting links and interacts with his followers.  I am a big fan of interaction -- if you don't respond, what's the point?

@ambusctrs101 If you want an example of how a business twitter should be run, follow this company!  She does a great job of mixing business and personal to keep it interesting.

@karimacatherine I met her this week during #BrandChat and ran into her again during #MonitorChat.  She knows a lot about marketing, and I highly suggest you learn something from her.  Don't be intimidated -- she is very approachable!

@141chars She posts links about social media so you can stay in the loop.  Only drawback is that she doesn't respond.

@gazelma She is a blogger and a very interesting woman to follow.  Her fashion blog is great and so is her take on pop-culture.

BONUS: Follow @homelessnickle.  Recently moved (or is in the process of moving) from Indy to Chicago.   His blog kept me motivated to keep being myself during my job quest.

Previous list of Must-Follows can be found here.  You should follow them as well.