Tin can

My mother received a troubling message from her realtor yesterday and it is completely my fault.

He called to complain about my POS car being parked in her driveway, saying that it was 'bringing down the value of her house'.

At first I was embarrassed because, let's face it, my car is not exactly the chariot it used to be. Yes, one side is smushed in. Yes, it does not have A/C and there is a slight crack in the windshield that I discovered this week. And yes, the hubcaps were taken off during Dreamboat Annie's last surgery and were never put back on (never found actually).

Just because one of her windows rolls down irregularly and the CD player no longer works does not mean she is not a trusty steed. We have been through a lot together, and some bonds are not based on superficiality. I don't care that she has scratches, dents, and plastic pieces that hit your feet when you ride shotgun; she gets me where I need to go.

As I continued to mull over this message, rage started to surface. If he is blaming his inability to sell a house on the appearance of my car, which was only parked there for a short amount of time, he is obviously an idiot. If a potential buyer falls in love with the property then reneges because of my car, they too are idiots.

I'd be more than happy to accept a new car if it will help sell my mother's house. I'd be even happier to have a buyer who accepted the house, Tin Can and all.


  1. I loved this. You're a great writer. Much love.

  2. very nice. is that car worse that the red Hyundai? i can't remember that old car's name tho. good piece. keep writing.
    -john k.


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