Old news

Fall is almost here.

The incredible heat broke this week and the forty degree difference is a welcome change.

So long tank tops and strappy sandals -- hello sweaters and boots.  I'm wearing a flannel shirt and slippers, drinking my chai tea and Googling pumpkin patches.

After spending the morning cleaning my apartment, I added six new CDs to my collection, put the kettle on, and started reading old news; papers from months ago, when Summer was still in full sweating swing.

The feel of newspaper between my fingers reminds me of Fall.  It smells like a syllabus, new folders, and getting to know you exercises.

I know I am about three months late, but here are a few pieces that caught my eye.  All are taken from the Indianapolis Star.

 Quite a headline, eh?  Now take a look at the subhead.  Whoa.

It saddens me greatly to know that everything boils down to money.

The workers' don't want cut wages.  Who can blame them?  Everyone is being squeezed by the belt of finance.  Why would anyone want to do the same job for less?

Truth be told it really gets me riled up to think that GM is dangling this carrot in the first place.  Sure, we'll open the plant, create jobs and boost the local economy but only if you agree to a pay cut.  If we can't reach an agreement, we are just going to have to take our business elsewhere.  Yeah, Capitalism!

I can really feel your commitment to making a better America and bouncing back from your bailout, GM.  I sincerely hope you decide to end this entire argument and pay the workers what they are worth.  Show them how much you value their effort.  Set the standard instead of bowing to economic pressure.

The Second Amendment is being upheld.  For almost 30 years Chicago has banned possession of handguns and automatic weapons inside city limits, one of the most stringent gun laws in the country.  This decision ruled the law unconstitutional and prohibits states to rule again any citizen's right to bear arms.

I don't care if you are for or against guns.  I care that it is your constitutionally-protected right to make the decision for yourself.  Guns don't kill people -- people kill people.

Can you imagine if individual states were allowed to ban guns?  That's a stone's throw away from a police state ... with citizens stripped of self-defense.

Wait, WHAT?  115 laws?  That seems like a lot to me.  Can you think of that many things that need to be addressed, legally?  I hope they enjoyed spending tax dollars to debate the pressing issues of Indiana.  I also hope the each citizen takes the time to learn what all of these new laws are so they can be informed.  You wouldn't want to break any new laws without even knowing they existed, right?  Well, even after Googling the hell out these new laws, I have yet to find an actual LIST of the laws that were put into effect July 1.  You can find more information about the laws here, that's a start at least.

Along with the formation of a 'sexting' committee, here are some of the new laws:
  • Carding everyone for alcohol,
  • Casinos holding winning of people who are not paying their child support, and
  • GPS devices worn around the ankles of those who have committed acts of domestic violence. 
I am completely fine with being carded; it is annoying, yes, but I get it.  Unfortunately, stricter carding laws will not stop underage drinking.  Kids will be kids and guzzling Boone's Farm and cheap vodka is a right of passage.  There is nothing else to DO here but get 'Iced', ya dig?

The last two laws are good in theory, but I can't help but wonder if these specifically target those living below or hovering directly above the poverty line.  Most rich/wealthy people don't spend their time at the penny slots trying to hit the big time and I am assuming would use lawyers and razzle dazzle to get out of any domestic violence charge.

Take the kids in Carmel, for example -- they have someone managed to escape major penalty after sexually assaulting a kid on a school bus.  They are even pushing for a gag order to keep all the details quiet; their lawyers don't want this incident to taint the rest of their life.  Tell that to the kid curled in the fetal position who was assaulted. I'll be damned if anyone would bend over backwards to keep the details of this entire affair under wraps if the accused weren't privileged white boys.

Read between the lines, friends and lovers; it's all there in black and white.

    Home Avenue

    For those of you that don't know, I hail from the booming metropolis of Anderson.  When I say hail from I mean 'currently reside in', just to be clear.  I've been there for about a year, maybe a little over, and I still have no idea where I live or how to get anywhere.  I have absolutely refused to become acclimated with my surroundings and rely on my TomTom to get me to the grocery store, laundry mat, and Petsmart.  Judge me if you will, but I cannot bring myself to know the lay of the land where the following things are considered socially acceptable: sweatpants as real pants, TV as a babysitter, and hair brushing as optional.

    The following tidbits are completely true.  Yes, I know I should move.  Believe me.  I KNOW.

    1. The kids who live on/around my street can be classified as 'hood rats'.  They have nothing better to do with their time than stand in their yard and fight each other.  I'm talking 'punch me as hard as you can, I want to see blood' kind of fighting.  They also jump up and down on car hoods and tops, cat-call 12 year-olds, and try to do neat tricks with their bicycles and skateboards.  The only neat trick that has been successfully executed involves face and pavement.

    One such hood rat bit it, and bit it HARD, during a taping of Teen Mom.  Yes, Amber and Gary were my neighbors until they moved a few months ago.  Anyway, they were filiming on the front porch/yard and this kid thought he would show his sweet moves to America and peddled as hard as his hood rat legs would allow.  He gained momentum, went into the air for the jump, and landed on his face.  The camera crew did not even blink and kept rolling.  Heartless, yes.  Awesome, most assuridly.

    2. According to the boyfriend, the world record holder for DUIs lives down my street.  I've met him actually; he is older, keen on plaid, always pleasant, always drunk, and frequently wanders the streets looking for, what I can only assume is, his car.  The real question here is: HOW DOES THIS MAN STILL HAVE A CAR/LISCENSE WHEN HE HAS HAD OVER 40 DUIs (according to the boyfriend)?  How is that legal?

    Whenever I walk my dog he is sitting on the porch waiting for me to pass.  He asks slurs at me if I'd like a Coke and to have a little chat; I always pass but maybe this week I will say 'Okay'.  I've also seen him blow $20 on the ice cream man and buy ice cream for all the kids on the street, so I believe at his core he is not a bad man.  A little wasted, yes, but harmless all the same.

    3. Since moving in ... the neighbor's car was stripped of all electrical equipment, my driver's sideview mirror has been TORN OFF, and the boyfriend's gas cap was stolen after an entire tank of gas was syphoned.  I'm also pretty sure I found a makeshift crack pipe in the parking lot near my apartment.  My dog has been attacked by not one, not two, but THREE different dogs.  (In case you are worried -- she owned all of them).  Don't let her sweet face fool you -- she is hood rich (na na na na na na).

    4.  Last but not least, I have seen the following things from my window/porch/in my nightmares:
    • A boy on a bike holding up a (drunk) adult on a moped.  He was so drunk he couldn't drive his moped home.  At first I thought it was ridiculous; then I stepped back and realized how sad it was; in all probability it was probably his son picking him up from the bar.
    • A man dressed from head to toe in yellow wearing five magnifiying glasses around his neck with hair like Doc from Back to the Future.
    • Children playing house ON MY PORCH which actually means putting a baby doll into a baby stroller and pushing it into the street when cars come and watching them swerve to miss what they concieve to be an actual little human.
    • A family (I am talking 4 people at least) joy riding around the block in what appears to be one of those cars you ride around the track at King's Island or Holiday World.  It's as loud as a go-cart and takes up the entire sidewalk.

    Ah, home sweet home.