Last week the sun finally came out.  The warehouse I work at was electrified, buzzing with excitement from the blue skies and sun-rays.  It consumed our thoughts, our conversations, our phone calls.  We could not talk about anything but the sunshine.  We were obsessed!  We were transformed!  It's finally here, it's finally here!  Amid our parade of happiness one of our regulars came to pick up a flower order.  He is always happy and today was no exception.

Do you see winter or the first sign of Spring?
I, like a girl with a crush, brought up my new-found obsession while ringing him up.  He smiled (like he always does) and said, "The sun is always shining, whether we can see it or not.  When it's cloudy, it's still there; even at night it is still shining.  It's all about perspective."

Thanks, bro.

Rain.  Parade.  Over here.

I rolled my eyes, handed him the invoice, and told him to enjoy the rest of his day.  After some time had passed and I had been inside the completely windowless warehouse, the crush started to crumble.  The excitement was waning; clouds were rolling in.  I started to think about what he'd said, really chew it over.  Is that REALLY that how this guys thinks?  Is it even POSSIBLE to be that happy... all the time?

Is it?

As I thought about it, I realized that I have never seen this man frown.  Not once.  Never.  Doesn't matter if it's snowing, foggy, or slick.  He smiles.  And he smiles genuinely.  He really means it.  Sure, it's snowing and there is an inch of ice on the roads: who cares!  I'm happy to be here!

Everyday is sunny for him.  Every single day is energized.

As Bob Dylan said, "We always did feel the same we just saw it from a different point of view."

I don't know if I'll ever be able to feel the sun's rays when it's past midnight; it is nice to know, however, that even if I can't feel it, sun's still there.