It has become possible to have an entire conversation almost entirely in abbreviations.  You can convey thoughts, expressions, etc. with a few letters in a sort of code that is universally understood.  Or is it?

I for one embrace abbreviations.  What slowly started years ago has exploded as social media and commentary take center stage in most people's daily lives.  I began using 'internet speak' in everyday life as a joke with the best friend.  BRB.  TTYL.  LOL.  At the time the people around us had no idea what we were saying and we thought we were hilarious and clever.  Turns out, the joke was on us.  I now cannot break the habit of 'internet speak', even if I tried.  Feel free to admit that I Can Has Cheezeburger talk has come out of your mouth, or fingers, at least once.  Go ahead.  Acceptance is the first step.

What is so tricky about the abbreviation epidemic is that not everyone is in on it.  A year or so ago, there was a billboard near my place of employment that said, "BTW Don't Text & Drive. TYVM".  I immediately read it and understood TYVM to mean "Thank You Very Much".  The best friend understood it as "Text Your Voice Mail".  Essentially the entire message was lost because she did not comprehend the abbreviation.

I like to send texts the boyfriend with as much abbreviation as possible and I am elated when he responds to my question.  I assume he knows what I'm talking about.  I recently learned that he does not.  "Oh, you mean that actually means something?  I thought you just hit keys by mistake and didn't realize it."

Ummm... I guess he is in the 'idgi' category.

What happens when the person receiving your message misinterprets yours abbreviations?  Do you really save any time using them if you have to explain it later?  IDK.