Follow Friday

Looking for some new people to follow to breathe new life into you time line?  Here is a list of ten of my Twitter favorites:

@1LovelyDreamer: Recently started kickin' her body back in shape and inspires me to do the same!  Friendly and thoughtful, she makes sure to wish you a great day!

@1NickFury: Makes me smile every single day!  Always there to encourage me, I look forward to reading his tweets!  He wishes you a good morning and makes sure you have one!

@MR2L33: Absolutely hilarious and keeps me laughing throughout my day (and night).

@SmashFizzle: Great about RE important information and interacting.  Also her sense of humor is impeccable.  Check out her blog HERE

@SavingSallyX: Nn her way to bring a social media queen!  Hilarious and a FourSquare enthusiast.  She also posts cute pics of her adorable puppy and has great Instant Netflix recommendations.  You can follow her blog HERE and support her throughout her weight-loss journey!

@WhiteKid_Wasted: He keeps me laughing and always has something 'going on'.  Big fan of his replies and use of song lyrics.

@shaia8: Very knowledgeable of computers, software, programming as well as being positive!  he has helped me with several Mac-related issues and I'm incredibly grateful!

@ScientistMaggie: She's a scientist with huge aspirations.  Learn something!

@TimandNorah: I love reading his tweets -- he's funny, he's into great music, and his profile picture makes me smile everytime I see it pop-up on my timeline!

@Matthod: He has GREAT information for anyone who is involved in the Social Media field.  I've learned so much from him in the few short weeks I've been following him.

BONUS @madejustforhim: She is sweet and always replies, which I love!

I've linked their names to their profiles to make following them a snap.  Once you do follow them make sure you introduce yourself; I'm sure you'll be twiends in no time.

Please feel free to comment with other great tweeps to follow!  If this turns out to be successful I may do it every Monday -- or maybe friday to coincide with #FollowFriday on Twitter.