Follow Friday

Journalism Camp this week at Ball State has been rad and very time consuming.  I never thought I would have Twitter withdrawls ... but I have so I guess that means I have an addiction.  Although I have enjoyed my time at BSU surrounded by yerds, nerds, and jerds in general, I am will be happy to return to the real world on Monday.

Here are my picks for this week's Follow Friday Saturday.  Adding them to your timeline will be the best decision you've made today!

@sammymojito: He is one of the first people I connected with on Twitter and I still enjoy his tweets and conversation!  Sweet, handsome, and encouraging.  What more do you want? Okay fine -- he will reply back!

@dynamite4life: He is @sammymojito's brother and equally awesome!  He always tells me good morning, and keeps tabs on the wheelings and dealings of his followers.  He's sweet, he's a Notre Dame fan, and he has excellent music taste.

@paulpoteet: You might know him if you're from Indiana -- he's been a meteorologist for (at least) 20 years!  Not only does he keep me informed on the weather, but he tweets and retweets pretty interesting stuff.  I also like that he interacts with his followers and always seems to be doing something rad.  He is also quick to thank his fans, which is a thumbs up in my book.

@anythinglime: She is hilarious.  She has a great sense of humor as well as sense of style.  She's also smart and recently married; did I mention she's a dog trainer and BSU alumnus?  I suggest following her if you like dogs, love to laugh, want to know what it's like to live in Florida.

@teamcreepz: Her sense of humor adds a lot of sparkle to my timeline.  She is not afraid to share her opinion/call people out, which I find endlessly entertaining.  She's a huge fan of hockey and instant netflix, and has great taste in television and movies.

@gokeysupporter: She is just goofy.  She won't clutter your timeline with garbage and is always happy to interact with her followers.  I also love that she is up front with what she's feeling: if she's excited, you'll know it!  She has a lot of enthusiasm and loves to meet new people.

@tommyismyname: I met him a few weeks back during a chat and I am really glad I did!  Not only does he pass on relevant information dealing with social media, marketing, and the like, but he also beat boxes and cracks me up.  I don't feel like he is pushing links down my throat.  He is also charming, funny, and approachable.

@grizz83: I haven't been following him for very long but in the short time we've known each other, he has kept me laughing.  Who would have thought that a grizzly bear could be spot on?  I must warn you though ... this bear has an opinion about everything! :)

@dennisay: I think he's hilarious.  He is always doing something awesome or talking about the awesome thing he is going to do later.  He is an excellent replier and a self-proclaimed nerd.  He has good taste in TV, too.

@kjoebbb: She is an animal lover!  She rescues animals, has a cat and dog, and is a college student.  She updates a lot, which some people may not like but I dig.  She is sweet, friendly, and helpful.  She is also quick to share her opinion on what's happening in TV Land.

BONUS: @djsamhouse: he's a DJ in LA who interacts with his followers.  Ask him for a song recommendation!

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Hope you have a great weekend!