Revamp ... not the Twilight kind

I've spent my day revamping the blog.  I've added content, cut dead weight, and added new links and features.  Make sure you check out the new pages at the top as well as the new links on the sidebar.

I'd like to thank Duncan (@dwmdm) for designing the top banner for me!  You are truly a hero and your generosity will not soon be forgotten.

I've made it easy to connect with me on various Social Media sites (notice the icons in the sidebar) as well as subscribe to my RSS feed and e-mail me.  The Currently On Repeat page contains music suggestions and the Days Gone By has samples (with links to the complete work) of some old ancient posts.  Learn a bit more about me in Who is Ledia? and feel free to submit your own questions for me to answer!

Follow Friday posts will now be listed in the sidebar.  Make sure to check out the other sites I recommend as well; most are fellow bloggers I adore!  If you'd like your site to be added to the list, by all means ... have your people call my people.

So... what do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?  Any suggestions are very much appreciated!