Makeup Tricks From a Former Beauty Advisor

One of the many jobs I've held was working for a cosmetic company.  I was always flabbergasted at the price women in particular were willing to pay for lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and foundation.  Meeting my sales goal was not as important to me as ensuring my customer got the best deal; why pay through the nose when there is no need?

Here's a few things I shared with my clients.  Maybe you knew this already, maybe you didn't.

1. The only cosmetic to really spend money on is your foundation.

Going to a department store to have your color matched perfectly will cost you -- but it's worth it.  Drugstore brands cannot offer the same coverage or color matching that most department store shades can.

You should also 'get your color' done twice a year: your skin gets darker in the summer and lighter in the winter.

2. Your natural shade of foundation may be lighter than you want.  Don't panic -- there is bronzer!

Bronzer is my favorite cosmetic in the entire world.  A little bit makes me sun-kissed.  A little more transforms me into a Brazilian goddess.

Many people are concerned their face is too pale when using their natural shade of foundation and often buy darker shades.  It looks better if you stick with what your momma gave ya and throw bronzer on before leaving the house.  Trust.

3. There is almost no difference between drugstore brand lipstick, eye shadow, blush, mascara, and eyeliner.

Why spend more money for basically the same thing?

Other tips
  • Use cold cream to remove makeup before you go to sleep.  It's around $5.00 a jar.
  • Another alternative: CRISCO.  Yes, this sounds gross, but many women swear by it.  My grandma had perfect skin and you bet her secret was Crisco.
  • Witch hazel is an excellent toner.
  • There is no way to erase wrinkles naturally; the creams you buy from stores will only reduce the look of wrinkles over time.
  • Caster oil (unscented) is the perfect before-bed eye cream.
  • Contact lens solution doubles as eye makeup remover!
  • Spritz your face with non-aersol hairspray to keep your face in place all day/night long.
Baby powder is a jack of all trades.
  • Brand new heels?  Make the breaking-in process a thousand times less painful by putting baby powder in the shoe; you will stretch it out and not feel a thing! 
  • Don't have time to wash your tresses?  Throw some baby powder on your roots to soak up any excess oil.  No one will ever know!
  • Combing baby powder through your hair before going out will keep your hair from becoming stringy; be careful -- only a sprinkle will do the trick!
  • Use baby powder to prevent chafing.  Great for runners.
  •  Make eyelashes appear fuller and longer by dusting baby powder on your lashes before applying mascara.
  • Get rid of shaving friction when using an electric shaver by using baby powder before shaving.