I am always late to the party.  Always.  I never jump on the bandwagon with everyone else.  I ignore said wagon and then return to it later and let my curiosity take over.

I've done this with many, many things including but not limited to: Lady Gaga, which I finally downloaded two weeks ago; Zombieland, which I finally watched last month; and Audiosurfing, which I have been doing non-stop for the past two days.

I feel like I did when I first started watching LOST -- obsessed.  I wake up and surf.  I try to surf at work.  I stay up uber late and wonder when it became 3:30 AM and whether or not I can complete one more surf before I collapse.  Jane Austin said it best, "You have bewitched me, body, and soul.  And I love, I love, I love you."

I have a crush, and guys, I think it's true love.

For those of you unfamiliar with Audiosurfing, let me break it down like this:

Picture you favorite song. 
Imagine riding it like a roller coaster that perfectly matches the beat and tempo.
Now imagine graphics that also move in rhythm to the beat.

I swear, it's like entering into a new stratosphere.

School buses are back on the roads and folders are being purchased by the dozen.  It's safe to say that Summer slipped through my fingers.  I spent it working and job hunting.  I did not bask in the hot sun; I did not go swimming; I did not attend a single bbq.  I don't even think I ate a hot dog.

Just when I thought the season was lost, I remembered how much fun I had a few years ago Audiosurfing with my old roommate.  A few Google searches, and few mouse clicks, and Pandora's box was opened.

I put on my headphones, I plugged in 'Dog Days Are Over' by Florence + The Machine, and I saw my favorite song.  Yes, saw.

Summer is not lost.

The colors emanating from my screen feel like sun rays and if I prop a fan next to my desk, it's almost like cruising in a convertible.  Life is a highway and I do want to ride it all night long (John Cochrane style).

Audiosurf action shots taken by yours truly.