Case of the Mondays

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade?  Based on my Recently Added play list in iTunes I should have been a product of the 60s and 70s.
Case in point: my new stud horse is none other than the crooner Neil Diamond.

Find us a dream that don't asks no questions, yeah
I downloaded his Ultimate Collection a month ago and find myself jamming to his tracks more often than I care to admit.  Nothing picks me up during my morning commute faster than several go-rounds of  Cracklin' Rosie.  Not only does he soothe my stress when he really takes it away around 1:43... blasting Cracklin' Rosie before 7 am is also the best away possible to annoy fellow commuters.  Soon it will be too cold to roll down the windows and serenade I-69 S but for now Neil gets me to my destination smoothly, with his sequined jacket and feathered bouffant.  See you on the twilight train, Neil.  I've got the way to make you happy, I promise!

Haters can proceed to the left and non-believers can try it out for themselves.  If you are having trouble getting jazzed for the work week come Monday morning I suggest adding Cracklin' Rosie to your morning drive play list.  Instead of being a sad sack, you'll walk into the office like this:

Get on board!  (You) don't need to say please to no man for a happy tune!

Click here to download this hot track.

Follow Friday

I've really fallen off the Follow Friday boat and I feel kinda bad about it.  Not working on Friday makes it  hard to do any sort of work ie put together a list of rad people to follow.  To make up for my lack, here's a Follow Monday for you:

@theamazingben:  He is one of my new favorites.  Great sense of humor and an awesome default that involves a mustache.  He's a graphic designer and a new resident of Ft. Wayne.  Introduce yourself.  He'll keep you laughing all week long.

@sushirevenge:  I met her last month at Book Club and she is rad.  She likes to read (Book Club may have been a giveaway), roller derby, bridge hunting, and four squaring.  She also works for a non-profit and is interested in Social Media.  Did I mention that she got us a discount on lunch because she is an Indy Twitter Celeb?

@jamespaden: New to my timeline and full of useful information about new marketing techniques.  He is a mover and shaker (he founded his own business!) and has a good sense of humor.  If you have any e-commerce questions I'm sure he'd be happy to answer them.

@shawworldwide: He's from Toronto, he's friendly, and he is into Social Media.  Add him to your list of online marketers on the rise.  If new marketing isn't your bag, he's also into sports, traveling, and staying healthy.

@jodysparks: Internal Link Builder for Slingshot SEO by day, Young Adult author by night.  She's a mom, she's a writer, she's hilarious, she's awesome.  Did I mention she loves to read, roller derby, and thrift shopping?  She's about to sell her first book.  Make sure you check out her blog!

@mahoganypoet: She is one of my favorite tweeters.  Always positive, always on the move.  She tweets about all kinds of things, from current problems she's busing solving to what her plans are for the day.  Truthful, funny, independent. 

@rebecca_grace: Another favorite tweeter.  I like her because she's sweet and easy to talk to, and often talks about things I find interesting.  She recently reached her 3,000th tweet and I'm board for the next 3,000.

@thematches: A regular of ONTD with a quick wit and great taste in music.  Recently started a Tumblr; she tweets about anything that interests her and brings a lot of life to my timeline.  I especially love her commentary.

@jana_ballard: Another Slingshot SEO lady who recently moved to Indy from Boston.  She's friendly, she loves to thrift shop, and she has great taste in boots.

@jim_brown: Sales guy at Slingshot SEO with many facets.  His favorite band in Nickelback and in another life was an amateur pro-wrestler.  He loves politics and Netflix, too.

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