Rafael Sanchez

The unthinkable happened to me on Thursday: I met one of my personal local media idols Rafael Sanchez.

He is 'The Watchdog' of WRTV6 in Indianapolis. He also has the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen.

I was approached by my employer on Wednesday about an interview about our four-day work week. I've never been interviewed on camera and I'm not the best at interviews, period. I decided to give my fear the boot and prepared for my close-up.

I went home, picked out the perfect outfit, and crunched the numbers of my yearly commute.
  • I drive 66 miles each day (Monday through Thursday) to work.
  • I use a little over 3 gallons of gas a day.
  • By not going into the office on Friday, I save almost 170 gallons in gas (that's over $500 give or take) a year.
I was completely cool (well, as cool as I ever am) the next morning at work. The nerves didn't kick in until the marketing department told me that Rafael 'The Watchdog' Sanchez would be conducting my interview.


I immediately started sweating and stanning out. I took deep breathes, ran over my figures, and waited for my prince to arrive.  He was on time and in his trademark yellow jacket. He was also a foot shorter than I imagined.

Trying to do damage control while Sanchez asks the tough questions.

As far as the interview goes, I think I did pretty well. It airs this evening on Channel 6. The trouble didn't start until after I'd answered questions and we went to shoot b-roll.

Sanchez wanted a shot of me walking out of the office. He also wanted a few shots of me entering and exiting my vehicle, as well as pulling into a parking space. I didn't have any reservations until he told me that his cameraman would be riding in the car with me.

Saving gas, wear and tear on my car, and the environment? Awesome.

My mind immediately pictured the empty water bottles, laundry detergent, newspapers, and other items littering the interior of the cavalier. Time to stall.

"Is there any way I can have five minutes to go and clean out my car?" I asked sweetly. Sanchez had to be downtown at the state house by 10:30 am to cover the union protesters -- we didn't have a moment to lose. I straightened by shoulders, smiled, and decided to make the best of it.

The cameraman couldn't fit himself and camera in the front seat and still get a decent shot; he had to climb into the backseat. I can neither confirm or deny if he got tangled in the seat belt. He was very sweet about the entire situation as I apologized for the interior of my chariot.  He told me repeatedly not to worry -- he had managed to find a way to hold the camera so that you couldn't see all the trash!

I didn't fall, I didn't swear, and I did my best to make the wind-blown look work for me.  All in all I'd say it was magnificent.

Windblown? Check. Can't see the trash in the car? Check.

Oh, and Sanchez has one hell of a handshake.