What's New Twitter's problem?

It's past 10 p.m. on a Monday night and I just had the following text conversation with Maggie:

Me: Gurl I am geeking out so hard right now.
Maggie: About what?
Me: Twitter and SEO. Love my life.

There are two reasons this is awesome.

One, I am what the kids call an 'old lady'; normally I would be tucked in and listening to my Sounds of Nature CD.

The second reason? Recent news of Twitter having an impact on rankings (more so than Facebook pages) means that they can officially call themselves big dogs... and with great power comes great responsibility.

So what spawned this little tirade? My SEO freelancer friend Ronnie Dare brought a broken link on my blog to my attention.

No matter what browser he used the link from my Follow Friday post to his Twitter page was a redirect to an error message. The page wouldn't load! I clicked it and it worked perfectly. I had several other friends check the link and they didn't have an issue, either. I fiddled with the code (removed the #!) and asked him to check again. No dice.

It turns out that any link containing the #! will work using New Twitter but anyone using the old version will get an error redirect page.

I'm not the only one with New Twitter issues and what's even more disturbing is that Twitter isn't addressing our concern.

So, why should you care?

Because those still using old twitter are missing out on content.  That won't be an issue forever, but it's been five months since New Twitter launched and the old version is still available. Twitter is mum over when this will be disabled.

Those of us using New Twitter aren't out of the woods, either. It's missing some critical features that can be found on other applications (like TweetDeck).

What is a gal to do in such dark time? Ask for help of course!

Chase Adams offered an incredible solution: use shortened URLS until Twitter gets its act together. (This is a great way to keep a record of link traffic, too.  It also helps you pack more punch in 140 characters.)  He has an excellent short term solution; I hope Twitter cuts him a check and offers us a permanent solution.

At this point any new information would be much appreciated.