Secrets and SEO

A simple principle is demonstrated daily by my team: Together Everyone Achieves More. Get this ... it's actually true.

Seemingly impossible tasks are suddenly manageable. Instead of feeling your way around (blindfolded) you have a support network.

In the words of Tenacious D, that's expletive deleted teamwork.

So why isn't the Search Engine Optimization community working together? I'm talking big scale here, people.

I attended a conference recently that was supposed to be focused on cutting edge tactics; while I did learn plenty of things, my hair wasn't blown back. Nothing new was introduced; it was all stuff I've heard (or researched) before. You can imagine my disappointment. These are supposed to be premiere thought leaders in my field and they aren't inspiring me.

What are we all so afraid of? What is so hush-hush about SEO tactics?

I don't care what kind of 'hat' you are: every tactic can be broken down and reconstructed to fit your needs. Let's figure out why it works and make it work for everyone. The beauty and power of the merging of social and search is the ability to police ourselves. Instant feedback finally gives consumers a voice. And for the first time in history, companies have to listen.

Imagine focusing energy on getting complete relevancy and total quality for clients that deserve to rank without having to do hours/days/weeks/months worth of research. Sounds pretty great doesn't it?

I truly believe that this Utopia does exist and that there is a simple way to get there: speak up! Share your ideas! Let those of us with new ideas and new perspectives start being thought leaders.

I'm tired of having to wait to have my research confirmed. I'm speaking up. Who's with me?

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