Follow Friday

Ten rad tweeps to add some sugar and spice to your time line and why you should follow them (in 140 characters or less).


is sassy, awesome, and loves pop music.



is an incredible web designer, cool geek, and witty.


is a savvy business owner, loving mom, and inspiration leader.


is a marketing master, leadership expert, and excellent conversationalist.


is fabulous, funny, and always up to something awesome.


is a rad dad, intelligent, and a Star Wars geek.


is an avid reader, my Public Relations idol, and into craft beer.


is uncensored, uninhibited, and absolutely hilarious.


is into awesome TV shows/movies, blogging, and shopping.


is sweet, loves Frenglish, and a pop culture diva.

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Have you checked out CoolCussing yet, trash slap?

You literally spin two wheels, Vegas Style, to create new swear words.

Some are absolutely ridiculous (meat machine, trash snake); some are offensive (rectum pie, poop dangler). All of them are hilarious. I've been spinning for almost a week (for a few minutes a day) and have yet to see a repeat.

Go ahead and laugh! It's hilarious!

 Check it out for yourself, sissy hat! Share some of your favorite new swear words in the comments below.

Beyond being a hilarious time-waster, CoolCussing is a new idea (from some really cool dudes) that is encouraging ingenuity and cultivating creativity.

Try to use bull brain in a sentence today.

They actually respond to their followers. How refreshing!

I have to give them mad props for their aggressive Social Media strategy. They are constantly engaging their users (no really, they do!) and asking us to spread the word. CoolCussing actually answers questions and asks them, too. Perhaps they've read my post about about Twitter etiquette?