How do you define leadership?

Webster's dictionary defines leadership as:
  • The office or position of a leader
  • Capacity to lead
  • The act or an instance of leading

When defining leadership should we consider leadership styles? What about types of leadership training? In recent conversations I've heard leadership used to mean religious training, political opinions, procedural direction, organizational planning, experience driven team building, and volunteerism. Leadership seems like such a simple word, doesn't it?  

When discussing leadership, keep in mind; others may have a different definition of leadership. One of the most common breakdowns in communication is assuming others think as we do. Avoid this breakdown, when discussing leadership, by asking questions and explaining your definition of leadership.

How one defines leadership may be personal, but leading isn't. 
Regardless of your style and definition of leadership there are certain leadership truths. Here are a few to consider.

  1. Charisma is not leadership. Leaders are not born. Leaders learn to lead.
  1. A leader without followers is not a leader. Pretty simply huh? Think about it.
  1. Leaders are self-aware and obsessed with personal improvement.
  1. The best leaders learn what followers need to succeed and furnish the tools.
  1. Managers want employees to change when change often begins with management. Be a leader - lead by example – be the first to change.
Lead by example. Use recognition and encouragement to paint dreams, to show a path, and share a vision. Train and help, and help and train, and train and help some more. Keep in mind - You manage accounts and lead people.

How do you define leadership? Leave a comment; I’d like to know.

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