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When it comes to my dog's health care, I am a total Dog Mom (cue "I Love My Dog" by Cat Stevens). I am picky, picky, picky about where I take my dog and have struggled to find a reliable vet in the Indianapolis area. 

Past vet experiences have left me skeptical -- is there a vet that exists that cares about my dog as much as I do? I'm happy to report that my search is finally over; Leo's Pet Care is committed to my dog's health and well-being as much as I am! 

Beyond that, Whiskey absolutely adored Dr. Greg Magnusson and his staff. I felt comfortable leaving her in his care.

 Leo's Pet Care is an independent veterinary clinic and will
refer you to the best veterinary specialists available.
I took Whiskey (winner of Slingshot SEO's first Cutest Pet Contest) to Leo's Pet Care for a spaying surgery as well as yearly check-up. I was nervous about the surgery and the entire staff did their best to quiet my fears and assure me that she would recover quickly. It was refreshing to be surrounded by people who not only understood why I was nervous but did their best to explain away my fears.

Part of my visit included a standard exam. During this exam Dr. Greg found an issue with her teeth; She had not one but two cracked molars. She had been chewing on something that she wasn't supposed to be (shocking!) and hurt herself in the process. Luckily he noticed the cracks before they became infected or worse, saving my dog from agony down the road.

What's interesting about the cracked molars (to me at least) is that I get her teeth cleaned every eight weeks and they had failed to mention her discomfort to me. He spotted and corrected a problem that others neglected to notice.

Follow-up calls, tweets & a hand-written note?
Talk about customer service!

Visit Highlights
  • Clean, modern facilities: the exam table moves up and down! My dog thought she was on an amusement park ride!
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Clear explanation of procedure as well as a facility tour
  • Follow-up calls AND tweets throughout the entire surgery: when Dr. Greg was sent straight to my voice mail, he sent me a DM on Twitter to make sure I knew Whiskey was in recovery, safe and sound.
  • Straight-forward billing – no surprise charges
  • Handwritten thank-you note
  • Quick prescription delivery (as well as a new chew toy and personalized pet tag)
  • Key chain and wallet card with Whiskey's photo and vaccination information
I will be trusting Leo's Pet Care with all of my dog's future care. He is truly an animal advocate.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment please visit www.leospetcare.com.

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