Follow Friday

Five rad people to follow and why you should follow them (in 140 characters or less).


is an SEO wizard, dog mom, and uber creative. She can craft like you wouldn't believe!  She also inspires me to be my best.


is an Indy (somewhat) tech nerd. Kind, approachable, and engaging. He's funny, too. He's been in the health insurance biz a long time.


is one of my Twitter faves! Funny, smart, and shares interesting things. She's into marketing, communications, and keeping it fresh.


is a news feed dedicated to sharing SEO information. The feed also shares hourly 'SEO leaders' and it is a great way to find new people in the industry.


is a fun-loving Indy guy. Cool, friendly, and funny. He's resourceful and enjoys helping others.  Likes bike riding and social media, too.