Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Pinterest

Always include the pin source on Pinterest.
Always include the pin source - it's a Pinterest best practice.
Pinterest continues to be a valuable tool for marketers. According to Wayfair, Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than visitors referred from non-social channels, including search, according to industry reports. This is a prime opportunity -- seize it!
Here is the lowdown to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest.

Pin Images Correctly to Pack a Punch

Always include the image source when pinning. If you do nothing else I suggest from this post, please make sure to do this! This creates a backlink to the site hosting the image. Pinners click the image for more information and are redirected to host site (hello traffic!). Consider targeted landing pages for really cool, highly shareable images (cough, infographics) for better tracking. This will be especially useful if you are are just getting started on Pinterest.

Use descriptive captions. What do I mean by descriptive captions? Write a clear description of the image and keyword stuff the hell out of it. That's right, use as many keywords as you think are necessary for your image to show up in Pinterest search. The same goes for board titles and board descriptions.
  • Ditch the cutesie board title and description for one that is searchable; make part of the caption cutesie if you must. 
  • You should also include a link back to your website with a call to action in each caption. Example: "For more information on this glitter-covered clutch, check out [URL]."
  • Have an image relevant for multiple keyword sets? That's easy -- pin the image on separate boards with unique, keyword-targeted captions for each.

Ask for image credit from haters. If you come across an image that is yours and doesn't link back to your website, contact the pinner and ask for an edit. Provide them with all information needed make the update easy. The easier it will be, the more likely they are to comply. Remind them that pinning without credit is really lame and can damage their community reputation.

BONUS: You can instantly check out your site's Pinterest back links by typing into your browser. Make sure to replace '' with your actual domain. Make sure to like those pins and thank the pinner for sharing!

The 1/10 Ratio

It's perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) to share your own images on your pin boards. What's less acecptable is cramming your boards full of your own content. It tends to turn users off and can ding your community credibility. Don't worry though -- there is a simple solution!

Pin your stuff and then pin others' more. Abide by the 1/10 Ratio: for every one pin that's your own content, pin ten that aren't.

This is important for a few reasons. First: people check out who is linking to them and are more likely to visit your board and then your website. Second: people like to share content where they are mentioned, so this increases the odds of promotion. It also:
  • Adds variety to your board.
  • Adds credibility to your brand: people strongly dislike (I'd venture to say dis-trust) overt self-promotion.
  • Check out Pinterest's etiquette page for more information.

Publish Web Content with Images

Fact: content containing images is more popular than content without images. Fact: nothing from your site will be shared on Pinterest without images. Publish content with images. It's that simple.

Tell me what you pinned while I rub your feet.
Include shareable images with your web content. Ryan Gosling demands it.


Getting Started

If you don't know where to start when building a pin board, start with the content you already have -- the images from your website! If your posts are void of images, take the time to go through them and add them.

A few more ideas:
  • Create custom images for your post that include the title.
  • Include website URL in your profile.
  • Pin a coupon that requires a visit to a targeted landing page on your site.
  • Bust writer's block by performing a Pinterest search on relevant keywords for your niche. Note which pins get the most repins and comments. Write content on these hot topics and then pin it to your board.
  • For information on finding free images, click here.

Now that you're good to go, please follow and contribute to my 'What's Your Favorite Color' pin board! Once you follow the board, I will add you as an contributor. Happy pinning!  

How have you used Pinterest to increase traffic to your website? Please share in the comments below.


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