Autumn, a time of mellow fruitfulness

Fall is almost here.

Halloween costume stores are popping up all over the city and the nights are getting cooler.

Does anyone else feel like they missed summer? The poolside drink recipes I found on Pinterest never made it to fruition. I didn't make it to an amusement park to check in at every ride on FourSquare. Hell, I didn't even make it to the state fair this year; I will never know what deep fried Kool-Aid tastes like!

I'm okay with it, though. I've made peace with it (much like the summer loves of years past) and have decided rock the HELL out of Autumn.

autumn leaves
Fall: harvest, bounty, change, cycle, transition, preparation.

John Keats describes Autumn as a time of 'mellow fruitfulness'.

What do you think of when you hear 'Fall'?

I think of reaping the rewards of hard work, thankfulness, and rejoicing. I also think of animals preparing for winter as they enjoy the last warm, sunny days before the ground freezes and the world is still.

How will you be celebrating the season? Please share in the comments.