Colgate® #SlimSoft Toothbrush Review


I was fortunate enough to receive the new SlimSoft™ Toothbrush from Colgate® complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Read on for my review.

First things first; what makes SlimSoft™ different from your current toothbrush?

SlimSoft Features
Super slim Floss-Tip bristles:
  • 17x slimmer tip bristles for a deep clean
  • 6x deeper reach along the gum line
  • 1.5x deep access between teeth
High density of bristles:
  • 35% more bristles for a thorough cleaning experience
Ergonomic and flexible design:
  • 3x higher flexibility
  • Unique curved neck and design absorb pressure when brushing
  • Comfortable rubber handle allows for a better grip
  • Slim head provides great control while brushing and better access to hard-to-reach places 

Testing, Testing
The packaging of the SlimSoft™ was a bit trickier than I would have liked it to be ... it felt like a battle to get the thing open! Once I did, though, I immediately noticed how light the toothbrush was. I never thought that my current toothbrush was heavy until I compared it to my new SlimSoft™Toothbrush. 

Once I got over how light the SlimSoft™Toothbrush was, I looked at the bristles. They really are tiny! Again, I always thought that toothbrush bristles were teeny to begin with, but the SlimSoft™ took it to the next level. My old toothbrush bristles look like straw in comparison!

My Review
So ... what does brushing with a SlimSoft™Toothbrush feel like? Honestly, it feels like you are brushing your teeth with a cloud. I have sensitive gums and the tiny bristles gave my smile a deep clean without irritating my mouth in any way. The tiny bristles really do make a difference; they easily fit inside the nooks and crannies to clean out all the gunk. It's as close to flossing I can get (without actually flossing of course). I absolutely LOVE this toothbrush! I will be buying another one when the time comes.

Toothbrushing Tips
  • Always remember to brush yoru teeth gently and in a circular motion! Your dentist will thank you, legit.
  • Use a little less toothpaste than you normally do when using SlimSoft™ -- a little goes a long way!
  • Turn off running water when you aren't using it.

Happy brushing!