Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with Nutrium Moisture Review

I definitely appreciate staying cool under pressure! With a demanding schedule, it can be hard to pamper yourself, too. What's a working girl to do in these hard times?

That being said, I was delighted to receive a complimentary sample of  Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with Nutrium Moisture from Influenster in the RaiseYourArms VoxBox. I'm a fan of the Dove brand, and was more than willing to test out their new line of deodorant. 
I have to admit that Dove was really fighting an uphill battle with me ... as I consider myself QUITE a sweater. I swear that my body temp is several degrees higher than normal people, and it can cause some pretty embarrassing pit problems.

What Is Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with Nutrium Moisture?
This deodorant is "the best care ever for the armpit." It is made with ingredients that are known to moistureize and nourish the skin, thus they named this new formula NutriumMoisture. This anti-perspirant deodorant is the only one in existence that uses this formula.

Why Use Dove Advanced Care Deodorant?
  • Armpit skin requires the same care and attention given to the rest of a woman's skin
  • 36% of what you remove when shaving is skin
  • As a result of the damage done by shaving, armpit skin loses 50% more moisture, which can lead to dryness and irritation
  • The NEW Dove Advanced Care deodorant provides softer, smoother armpit skin in just 3 days

My Review
First, this product smells great; it's light and feminine. The smell of the deodorant is a huge part of the product buying decision for me, and Dove has definitely passed the sniff test!
Applying the deodorant feels silky and smooth ... it did not go on chunky or streaky, either. I didn't notice it rubbing off on any fabrics, but I am always careful to avoid the dreaded white streaks when dressing in the morning.
As far as protection goes, I would say this deodorant is on par with Secret or Degree. I wasn't blown away by wetness protection, but I wasn't disappointed either. I would not say that it gave me 48-hour wetness protection. However, I do think that it provided excellent odor protection that was long-lasting. 

After using this product for about a week I began to notice a subtle difference in my armpit skin. It really did look less "chalky" and more hydrated. NutriumMoisture is real, and it works!