2014 Heartland Film Festival 'High School Film Competition' Review

The High School Film Competition shorts program is always a must-see for me.

There is something so special about young talent; watching their short films and hearing about the dedication required to accomplish these projects following the screening is inspiring. Many of these teens will have accomplished more before they’ve graduated from high school than some will complete in a lifetime.

'Chris,' 'It's a Thing,' and 'It Sticks' filmmakers following debut screening at AMC Castleton.

The 2014 high school shorts program includes eight honorable mentions and five finalists.

This year, Carol Nguyen returned as a finalist in the competition. (You might remember her as last year’s winner for ‘Uprooted.’ You can watch her acceptance speech from the 2013 Heartland Film Festival Awards Ceremony on YouTube here.) Her new film ‘How Do You Pronounce Phở?’ explored what it meant to be a Vietnamese Canadian through food.

Carol Nguyen and me following debut screening of 'How Do You Pronounce Pho?' at AMC Castelton.

The 2014 winner was ‘Chris,’ which is about the pressures of finding a prom date. The short is clever with a surprise twist. Director/Writer/Producer Zachary Oschin and Writer/Cast Member Sarah Evans did a great job representing their film during the Q&A session following the screening.

There are two more opportunities for you to watch ‘High School Film Competition’ during the Heartland Film Festival. Ticketing information is available at www.heartlandfilm.org/festival/tickets.

Remaining 'High School Film Competition' Showtimes


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