Autism in Love premieres at 2015 Heartland Film Festival

I joined a crowd of moviegoers for the first screening of Autism in Love at AMC Castleton Square 14.

The documentary film explores how adults with autism find and manage romantic relationships. The film focuses on four different adults with autism from across the country. Lenny is a young man living with his single mom, hopeless for a girlfriend. Stephen is as middle-aged man whose wife, Gita, is battling cancer. Lindsey and Dave are working through what it means to take their eight-year relationship to the next level.

Love and romance are tricky and difficult for everyone, and this film depicts the additional complexity of the emotion for people on the autism spectrum. It's also about the journey of not only accepting others, but in accepting ourselves.
Director and producer Matt Fuller told Vanity Fair that he and fellow producer Carolina Groppa hope that audiences walk out of the film with a specific idea in mind. "First is empathy," Fuller said. "This is about really spending time with them and seeing them as individuals, and not their disabilities."
The second idea, added Groppa, is to "increase the awareness for adults on the spectrum. There's so much focus out there in the media on the children. No one is talking about what's going to happen to these kids when they grow up."
You can purchase tickets for Autism in Love online, as well as by phone and at Heartland Film Festival theater box offices.

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