Sunny in the Dark shines during 2015 Heartland Film Festival

The AMC Castleton Square 14 premiere screening of Sunny in the Dark was packed. There were lots of attending filmmakers there, too, which added to the excitement and overall buzz of the anticipating crowd. Lots of festival goers were talking about this film; it's taken home several awards already.
Sunny in the Dark follows therapist Jonah Bock settling into a new loft that he's been waiting to rent for two years. What Jonah doesn't realize comes with the rent is Sunny, a homeless women that lives in the dark crawl space above his place. She sleeps in the crawlspace at night, and when Jonah leaves for his family counseling practice each day, she drops down and makes herself at home. Sunny is always careful to leave no trace of her existence before returning to the crawlspace each evening.

It is interesting to watch two people who have never met vis a vis become close, intimate even, over the course of the film. Both Jonah and Sunny barricade themselves from the pain of the world in different ways, and at times their loneliness is palpable. The story is not all heavy, though. There are plenty of laughs and two cute animal co-stars for balance.

Kudos to Jay Huguley (Jonah Brock) and Hannah Ward (Sunny) on their performances. Fun fact: Following the screening, the audience learned from director Courtney Ware that the location originally scouted for Jonah's apartment fell through at the last minute and the one in the film was pulled together very quickly. Never would have guessed!


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