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Getting back into the swing of things after Journalism Camp proved more difficult that previously predicted.  I only made it to one chat this week (#brandchat) and barely made it to that one!  I played ketchup the entire week and now here it is, Saturday morning, and I haven't made a Follow Friday post!  SHAME ON ME!

Here are my picks for this week's Follow Friday.  Introduce yourself and let the fun begin.

@dwmdm: He's Canadian, he's smart, and he designed my new header!  Who wouldn't want to follow someone who selflessly gives their time to someone they've never met face to face?  He is always pretty funny.  Check out what he said about Sno-Cones.

@rachelmccarver: I met her as a freshman at Ball State University and we are still in touch; if they doesn't speak volumes I don't know what will!  You want more?  Okay: she's a wife, a dog-owner, a high school teacher, and she loves celebrity gossip.  She also is the one who started me watching Big Brother (and I showed her the light LOST).  You should ask her where 'Da bomb like tick tick' came from. #SheIsRad

@martinssecrets: He's an author and father of 6; he's always got something going on!  He's friendly, he replies back, and he'll teach you a thing or two about the publishing industry (and about life as well).  He is also into art, music, the real estate business, and marketing.

@hillarytribbett: Also a graduate from Ball State University, she works for the non-profit organization Live United.  She uses Social Media as part of her job and is a great example to follow on how to do it right.  Not only that, but she is the next big thing in country music!  She is a performer/artist/songstress/goddess.  I like the sound of that.

@tic_not_tock: He's a used-car salesman.  He lives in southern, Indiana.  He loves to read.  He is also a gamer.  I myself am not a gamer but I can appreciate his excitement/enthusiasm about it.  He's very nice and replies, which is awesome.  Did I mention that he's also a blogger?

@squigglejay: I hadn't talked much her with before this week, and boy am I glad I did!  She has a huge heart and her dog is adorable!  Her tweets are interesting to follow and I love that she shares photos.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that she loves celebrity gossip, just like me.

@themichellebell: She's a commenter at ONTD and she is hilarious.  She also lives in Boston, one of my favorite cities in the USA.  She posts updates, pics, and replies often.  I also dig her glasses!  Her music taste is pretty rad, too.  Check out the funny picture she posted of a fake flower.

@dcguru: He's a beach body coach!  If you don't know what Beach Body has to offer, definitely send this guy a tweet.  Besides being buff, he is incredibly inspiring and positive.  Who doesn't need a little sunshine on their timeline?  He followed me because he liked my smile; I followed him for the same reason.

@blackoutmonster: I've been meaning to add him to my Follow Friday Favorites for over a month ... He is handsome, he is funny, he loves Britney Spears.  He also hails from Abu Dhabi/Dubai.  It's awesome talking to someone from across the globe in real time.  He keeps his twitter light ie funny and he posts lots of photos.

@10thousandroses:  She also tweets from Boston and she loves music.  Her background may give you an idea of her favorite artist ... just saying.  She's funny and she's a pop culture diva.  She updates about all kinds of things, from music, to tv shows, to weather patterns.  Check out her tweet about Shark Week; it made me laugh.

BONUS: @mattdantodd: He's a dad and a pastor.  He's funny, witty, and encouraging.  He cares about what's happening locally as well as globally.  He is also considerate and inspiring.

Have a safe and awesome weekend!  Previous Follow Friday posts can be found in the sidebar.

Revamp ... not the Twilight kind

I've spent my day revamping the blog.  I've added content, cut dead weight, and added new links and features.  Make sure you check out the new pages at the top as well as the new links on the sidebar.

I'd like to thank Duncan (@dwmdm) for designing the top banner for me!  You are truly a hero and your generosity will not soon be forgotten.

I've made it easy to connect with me on various Social Media sites (notice the icons in the sidebar) as well as subscribe to my RSS feed and e-mail me.  The Currently On Repeat page contains music suggestions and the Days Gone By has samples (with links to the complete work) of some old ancient posts.  Learn a bit more about me in Who is Ledia? and feel free to submit your own questions for me to answer!

Follow Friday posts will now be listed in the sidebar.  Make sure to check out the other sites I recommend as well; most are fellow bloggers I adore!  If you'd like your site to be added to the list, by all means ... have your people call my people.

So... what do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?  Any suggestions are very much appreciated!

It's da bomb, like tick tick

I have returned from a week of shower shoes and Atrium food.

Being an RA was definitely different than I expected.  When I lived in the dorms as a freshman I spent most of my time outside of the residence halls; I worked, I played, I avoided hall checks.  Living in LaFallApart was a challenge and being on the 8th floor of a non-air conditioned dorm permanently raised my body temperature a few degrees.

This time around I spent 8 glorious days at Woodworth and experienced the luxurious side of the dorm life.  I now had a window air conditioning unit and was the one performing room checks.  Flying first class up in the sky...
Being around high schoolers for a week made me realize two things.
1. High schoolers are ruled by their emotions.
2. Being part of The Group is a top priority.

I am still ruled by my emotions to a certain extent, but these kids experienced the highs and lows of each day 100 percent.  When they were excited, they were EXCITED.  When they were sad, you could feel their melancholy reverberating off the walls.  I haven't been around teenagers, with the exception of my sister, for a long time and I forgot how strong the desire to fit in can be.

Case in point -- during our dance on Wednesday night, one of the students requested Sandstorm.  Yes, you read that correctly: SANDSTORM.  Talk about a throwback!  Anyway, three kids started banging on the floor in a very Jersey Shore manner and before you knew it, close to 50 kids were pounding the beat out on the gym floor.  They were so in-tune to what everyone else was doing that they all jumped up to fist pump within seconds of each other.  Amazing.

All recreational activities were considered lame until a handful of students started to participate.  I found in interesting that, generally speaking, the outsiders of the camp were the first to join in group activities and get the ball rolling.  They danced, they butchered sang karaoke, they made fools of themselves, and most importantly, they didn't care!  Because these campers had the courage to stand out others joined in.  Ironically, their willingness to participate is what singled them out in the first place ... repeat cycle. 

After watching the hierarchy of high school play out for an entire week, I was amazed at the things I'd witnessed.  The popular kids from different schools and different states found each other and formed a clique; the nerds, the jocks, and the outcasts all followed suit.  Yes, they interacted to a certain extent, but as a whole everyone knew their place and mingled within their peer group.  And I thought classism no longer existed!

As an adult, it was particularly heartbreaking to watch certain students try to mingle outside of their clique and be rejected.  They often felt ostracized and, because they are highly emotional, their sadness was plastered across their face.

One of my favorite campers watched the dance from a distance because his peer group was not participating; he wanted to dance but was worried his moves would be made into a joke.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that everyone on the dance floor made an idiot of themselves (see fist pumping).  He later confided in me that he was also upset because the girl he liked at camp decided to date (for a whole week) someone else, someone 'cooler' than he was.  He had spent the entire week trying to show his adoration for this vixen.  For one reason or another, he was not chosen.

I am so glad high school is over.

Me as a high school senior